Saturday August 18, 2018

La Trinidad traders revive opposition to new tax hike

LA TRINIDAD vegetable traders filed a petition on March 7 questioning anew the legality of the tax ordinance or the Revised Revenue Code of 2017 before the Department of Justice.

In their petition, the 29 traders sought to nullify the revised tax code, which took effect on January 2.

Petitioners claimed the increases are "baseless, unreasonable, unjust, excessive, oppressive, confiscatory and contrary to declared national policy."

Lawyer Simpson Baldo, counsel for the petitioners questioned the claim of the local government the ordinance underwent proper procedure especially in the conduct of public hearings as required by the Local Government Code and a copy of the actual notice of hearing claimed to have been posted in several public and conspicuous places within the municipality.

The petition also cited the ordinance was only published October 29, 30, and 31 or three months after the municipal council approved the revised tax code.

"What is required is that within 10 days from the filing of any proposed tax ordinance or revenue measure, the same shall be first be published for three consecutive days in a newspaper of local circulation," the petition notes.

Petitioners claim during public hearing conducted on November 16, 2017, topics discussed were on classification of bars, ambulant vendors, and garbage fee but no dialogue on the increase of fees of the revised revenue code.

Petitioners also added they are charged with more than what is indicated in the revenue code such as the rates of rentals, rents at the bagsakan at the La Trinidad Vegetable Trading Post.