Saturday August 18, 2018

Lapu-Lapu to implement 'bonnet' ordinance

CEBU (Updated) -- Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Paz Radaza announced Wednesday, March 14, that the city will implement the ordinance that bans the use of bonnet, tinted helmets, and any face cover for motorcycle drivers.

The move was made following the series of killings in Lapu-Lapu.

The Lapu-Lapu City Police Office-City Intelligence Branch (LCPO-CIB) estimated at least 12 persons killed by riding-in-tandem assailants.

“I think for identification purposes and with the rampant (existence of) riding-in-tandem (criminals), we will implement the ordinance that prohibits the wearing of bonnets,” said Radaza.

City Ordinance 206-2009 was approved last May 25, 2009 during the administration of former city mayor Arturo Radaza.

It bans the “use and wear of tinted helmets, bonnets and face masks” to cover the identities of motorcycle drivers and riders.

Radaza explained that the ordinance was not immediately implemented after a series of road repairs were done in Lapu-Lapu.

Under the ordinance, people with medical conditions may be exempted, but they must present a medical record to the traffic enforcer or police officer. The fine ranges between P500 and P1,000.

Chief Insp. Jimmy Fortes, head of the LCPO-Traffic Enforcement Unit, said they started their information drive about the ordinance last Tuesday.

It will last up to 15 days before the traffic enforcers and police will apprehend violators.

In a separate interview, Chief Insp. Mark Gifter Sucalit, CIB chief, said the implementation of the ordinance is a deterrent to crime, which he hopes will be finally implemented.

As a police intelligence chief, Sucalit said there is no concrete information that the killings were conducted by vigilantes.

He said the motive of the killings were either grudges or related to illegal drugs.

“Historically, kahibaw ta sa business sa drugas kay hugaw (we know the drug business is dirty). Gamay nga talo, definitely, it will cost your life...I’m appealing to the public to help resolve these cases but I also assure them there’s no cause for alarm because these are isolated cases,” said Sucalit. (FMG of SunStar Cebu/With Superbalita Cebu)