THE alleged gunman behind the fatal ambush of Atty. Jonnah John Ungab may have died during a police operation.

Homicide chief of the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO), Senior Insp. Jonathan Taneo, said they discovered the clothes a suspected gun-for-hire was wearing when he shot Ungab in front of Qimonda building on Feb 19.

“He had in his possession a red sweatshirt that was 80 percent identified by Pearl, the victim’s wife, as the one worn by the gunman during the ambush,” Taneo said.

The gun-for-hire was killed during a serving of a warrant of arrest for robbery in Lapu-Lapu City, three days after the lawyer was killed, Taneo said.

Also recovered from the alleged gun-for-hire was a caliber .45 pistol, which was the same type of gun matching the the empty shells found in the crime scene.

The sweatshirt will be subjected to forensic examination for gunpowder residue while the firearm will be cross-matched.

“Hopefully mag-positive, and with this, we can say that our investigation is moving,” Taneo said.

The Homicide chief said the sweatshirt was found among the clothes of the dead gunman.

“Our investigators saw him in pictures provided by the intelligence unit of the Lapu-Lapu City Police Office (LCPO) and they thought that they had the same build with the gunman captured in the close-circuit television camera,” Taneo said.

A possible witness also surfaced yesterday who claimed that she saw the ambush of Ungab.

Edna, (real name withheld), 39, alleged that she managed to take a video when she took a selfie of herself during the ambush.

“I know the gunman because he was my neighbor. When he saw that I witnessed what happened, he took my cellphone from me before fleeing,” she said.

SPO1 Winston Ybañez admitted that Edna’s narration had discrepancies.

“She said that gunman was wearing a red t-shirt and maong pants. However, the shooter was wearing a red sweatshirt. She was also wrong in pointing out the direction of Atty. Ungab’s car when it went out of the building,” Ybañez said.

However, the homicide investigator said that they will still consider Edna’s claims once she submits an affidavit in court. (JOB)