FORMER Bayan Muna representative Neri Colmenares assailed the proposed change in the Constitution as he claimed there are provisions that would endanger the country’s democracy and economy.

Colmenares, who talked about "Charter Change: For Better or for Worst?" in a forum held Friday at St. John Vianney Hall in the Bishop’s House, stressed that the proposed charter has “dangerous” provisions that would grant President Rodrigo Duterte formidable powers to control the entire government.

It further opens up the country to transnational corporations and foreign economic control, he said, adding that the proposed charter deletes or dilute social justice and human rights provisions, he said.

Colmenares stressed that charter change (cha-cha) enshrines self-serving provisions like tax exemptions to officials and pork barrel.

He urged the public to oppose cha-cha as this is the “worst.”

“Presidents come and go. Once cha-cha is approved, it will be here for decades. It will condemn Filipinos to eternal poverty and oppression,” he said.

He added the administration’s proposed charter is a “road to dictatorship.”