Custodio: The signs of old age and more

I REALLY need to write down my thoughts and ideas. I get good ideas for my articles throughout the week as I do my usual everyday things, and I always seem to believe that I would be able to remember it once I make a mental note about it.

Yeah right.

To date, if I had kicked myself for each time my ability to recall these ideas failed me, I would probably be black, blue and bedridden by now! I swear I have always found myself filled with regret whenever I realize that I had let a good idea slip away. I hate that helpless feeling I get when I try to remember what it was but couldn't. It’s just so sad; and I'm pathetic! At some point I mutter to myself how “tigulang” is an adjective that is starting to aptly describe my present status as a human being of this earth. Arghh!

Dawat-dawat lang jud. (Acceptance is key. Well this is sort of a loose translation but you get my drift right?). So my brain no longer works like it used to in the past. The years have caught up, add all the anesthesia I got from all my surgeries, all head trauma (none too serious, by the way) and whatever else is there I can blame for my short-circuiting memory!
The littlest of distraction carries the ability to turn me into a mumbling fool trying hard to think what made me get up and go to kitchen (I was going to cook breakfast). Sometimes I find myself walking to somewhere I cannot seem to remember and wondering what I was supposed to do! (Like to the laundry hamper even when I had my soiled clothes with me. Yeah. That bad.). Hay naku. So I guess that's how it is as we get older. It is all part of growing up. (growing old is more apt, actually)
Other signs of old age include rickety joints and quite sadly, I have those too! All of a sudden my body has become too sensitive to some of my usual food staples so I wake up either limping and in pain. Recently, the arthritis has developed a liking for my right thumb and so it has been such a pain to carry bags and pretty much do activities that need it! I try to keep track of the food that may trigger this unfortunate condition but lately,even when I know I have not eaten anything on my watch list, I still get joint pains! Waaaa. Unfair!

A few days ago I saw a trailer of the coming Disney Winnie the Pooh movie titled Christopher Robin. (You do know that Christopher Robin is the owner and human best friend of Pooh, right?). Let me just say that I like Winnie the Pooh and his posse, but I am not really a big big big fan. Sure I have watched the cartoons and actually believe that my brother actually embodies Pooh (kind and big-tummied) but I don't really know the details of their story. Anyway, I was pretty surprised that I was so moved by the trailer I actually cried. There is something about the featured scene that just brings me back to great childhood memories and friendships that reminded me of the good old days. Seeing the trailer made me feel like I had just unexpectedly seen an old friend again and it felt really good. It was such a relief especially when one feels overwhelmed by the duties and responsibilities of adulting. Or maybe it’s just me being perimenopausally emotional. Whatever.

One good thing about being older though, is being wiser. Okaaay. I would like to think that I have gained enough wisdom to say that I am wiser. Most of the time, I actually believe it! The years of experiencing all sorts of challenges have indeed taught me well. We often remember unfortunate events in our lives as stuff we would rather not remember but really, those are the times that has taught us well. Well, if we pay enough attention to what it has to teach. When we take note of them, it gives us valuable pointers for better survival and that painful memory enhances our appreciation for happy, worthwhile ones! My father often told me that you can never go through life not experiencing both the good and bad of it. We all will, whether we like it or not. Don't you agree?

So here we are, my same-aged (or close to it) friends constantly being reminded by the universe that we are no longer 10 years old. We go around looking for our bifocal glasses that we eventually find on top of our heads. We may have experienced calling our child/niece/nephew/anyone by different names except their own. We may have been given the explanation “it's called generation gap” by the millennials, generation z and all other generations in between when we complain or express our thoughts and ideas with much exasperation and near-hopelessness. But hey, we have lived life up to our best ability up to this point and will continue to “slay” because we know how to overcome and our survival techniques are “lit.”. So just keep going! Acknowledge the minuses and appreciate all the pluses that life has brought us! Life is beautiful so enjoy it!

Happy Sunday Everyone!! :)

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