Friday August 17, 2018

Misuari says Duterte wants an all-Moro military division

A FRAIL Nur Misuari faced a crowd estimated to be around 10,000 made up of former combatants, supporters, and allies of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) at the Football Field of the Davao Crocodile Park on Sunday, March 18, as they commemorated the 50th year of the Jabidah Massacre, egging his people with a promise that they could be part of the government military.

Misuari said, no less than President Rodrigo Duterte wants to create a 15,000-strong all-Moro military division.

The massacre of Moro trainees on Corregidor Island on March 18, 1968 sparked the flame for the Moro rebellion and led to the organization of MNLF by 1972.

These trainees were brought to Corregidor on January 3, 1968 after being enticed to join the training on guerrilla tactics allegedly in preparation for “Operation Merdeka,” an alleged top-secret plan of the Marcos administration to invade Sabah in Malaysia. That operation never happened and instead 27 of the trainees were killed by no less than their trainers on that day, sparking dissent.

In his speech, he also urged his people to work for development to erase the misconception that the Moro rebels are terrorists.

"We are now about to march to another path because there are some other countries who are trying to demonize us who kidnap some innocent citizens and they bring to our homeland to create misimpression about our people," he said. "I will need another movement to punish those miscreant countries around our homeland I will not let them slip (away). We are to punish them."

What movement or path that will entail was not clear, but his speech was replete with promises of being part of the government's security operations.

"We are going to inaugurate our joint undertaking with the Republic of Indonesia. The Indonesian government has informed me that the President has given an imprimatur to accept the proposal that we shall deploy 10 big naval boats around our territorial waters. One half of the officers in crew will be drawn from the Indonesian armed forces, the other half will be drawn from the Armed forces to be represented by the MNLF," he said.