REENACTMENT. Next Monday, the Talisay City Government will once again stage the yearly reenactment of the landing of the American forces on the shores of Talisay to liberate Cebu from the Japanese. It was the end of World War II. As usual, there will be a Holy Mass at 6 a.m. to be followed by the raising of the American, Japanese and Philippine flags prior to the landing reenactment. As emcee of this annual observance, I have noticed that the activity is getting more action-filled despite the cancellation of the skydiving feature. Skydiving by troops from the Philippine Air Force could add more meaning and color to the occasion.

AUDITION. I have it from film director Carlo J. Caparas that he and his daughter Peach, also a movie director, will conduct a third audition for those that are willing to star in their very first Visayan flick. Needed are girls (nine years old), male and female auditionees between 16 and 26 years old and those between 40 and 50 years old. The casting call is open even to those from other provinces. The specific venue of the activity will be announced soon. But definitely, it will be within Cebu City.

MOVIE. Many are asking about the Caparas’ upcoming Visayan film. Here’s a teaser: It’s about the high-profile abduction of two sisters that occurred in 1997 here in the city. Yes, it’s a true-to-life story whose filming will commence on April 8. The flick titled “Jacqueline Comes Home” will be filmed entirely in Cebu.

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