Saturday August 18, 2018

Tell it to SunStar: Considering Jesus as a lawyer

THERE are religious groups that encourage people to raise their hands and say. “I accept Jesus as my Lord and personal savior.” And those who did it are supposed to be permanently saved even if they continue to commit sins.

When you consider Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, you continue to commit sin and always rely on His salvation. This is not the proper way of behaving. Jesus wants you to have good manners and right conduct throughout your life.

You are using Jesus as a lawyer to quash your crimes. In a way, you are saying, I’ll commit rape and robbery. Because you are my Lord and savior save me from punishment of my crimes. Or defend me so that I will be acquitted.

Considering Jesus as a teacher is better. Because it would be either you pass or fail in His exams.--Chito E. Germino of Mandaue City