HOW true is the story that President Duterte punched a wall in Malacañang after he learned about the Department of Justice (DOJ) resolution, which cleared Kerwin Espinosa, Peter Lim and 18 others accused of trafficking illegal drugs?

PNP chief Ronald de la Rosa, who told the anecdote last week, yesterday stood by his story. “Sinabi ko nga eh, tama yan, tama nga. (I did say that. It’s correct, it’s correct.)” Presidential spokesman Harry Roque though said he didn’t see it and he was with Duterte and aide Bong Go the whole day.

Since the story broke out, there has been no cry of “fake news” from Malacañang. Maybe because, true or not, it would dramatize the president’s passion about the war on illegal drugs.

What did Digong and the close aides say after his fist hit the wall? Different versions, apparently creative, have gone the rounds of coffee shops:

-- “Agaray, pe**t*ng ya*a, bus***tsamong**a! Bong, sakit oy!”

-- “Why is Aguirre not here? Siya ta to imong gisuntok, sir.”

-- “Was that not Cory Aquino’s favorite wall in the Palace?”

Presidential anger

Leaders, especially presidents, need to manage their anger. U.S. President Trump must have learned from his wife Melania who. critics say, is often emotionally abused and yet keeps her cool.

Wishing to know her secret, Donald asked Melania why she wouldn’t blow up when she’d have reason to be furious, such as their quarrel over his affair with porno star Stormy Daniels.

“I wait until you finish your rant. Then I clean your golden toilet bowl.”

“Ah, good. Physical activity.”

“With your favorite toothbrush.”

Cop who could be senator

PNP chief Bato de la Rosa must want to be senator. Though he plays coy by saying that only President Digong could make him run for the Senate, his antics on the national stage, playing for media coverage, betray that interest.

If former police-constabulary chief Panfilo Lacson could win a Senate seat, why couldn’t Bato? If people like Manny Pacquiao could interpellate in Senate hearings, why couldn’t he?

Listen to Bato warn, this is true, self-confessed drug trafficker Kerwin Espinosa: “Naisahan mo kami ngayon. But you cannot won all the time. Some time we will be the one to won you.” That’s word-for-word quote by GMA News Online.

‘Dull’ debate on divorce

A reporter who covered a House committee hearing on House Bill 7303 on dissolution of marriage noted the “almost total absence of humor” in the discussion. Not a single joke or even a quip about marriage or divorce.

Lawmakers promoting caution before anyone should get a divorce could’ve told this story:

A father asked his son who has been married for six months how his married life is treating him. “I married a former nun, dad, and it’s none in the evening and none at any other time unless I beg for it. I’m thinking of getting an annulment.”

“Slow down, slow down,” the father said, “we in the family should talk about it.” “Fine, dad, how about tomorrow night?” “OK,” the father said, “I’ll tell the Mother Superior you and your wife would come for dinner.”

P.S. Only two voted against the bill: party-list congressman Lito Atienza and Cebu City south Rep. Raul del Mar. Among the co-authors is Rep. Gwen Garcia of Cebu’s third district.

‘Vanessa’ and wives

Remember “Vanessa,” the “mystery woman” whom Duterte teased reporters about while they were abroad in May last year? He said she was “mabait” and in the future he’d “reveal the truth” about her.

Pia Ranada, Rappler reporter who wrote the story, has been barred from Malacañang and may not get to ask the president about Vanessa who must not be his wife or official partner.

Speaking of wives, two congressmen were overheard during a lull in the House session:

“My wife’s an angel.”

“Ang suwerte mo, pare. Mine is still alive.”