NEGROS Occidental Governor Alfredo Marañon Jr. said Tuesday, March 20, that Third District Representative Alfredo Benitez is more needed and fitted to be senator.

“Okay man, if he will be governor because he can do a lot for Negros but he is needed more in the Senate, he is better than those actors who have done nothing there,” Marañon said.

Marañon made the statement when asked if Benitez’s visit to the Governor's Office last Friday was allegedly for “tutorial.”

“It's more of an advice rather than a tutor,” he said.

He said Benitez also wants to run for senator because his programs are for national in scope.

Marañon said he will support Benitez’s political plans in 2019, either to run for senator or governor.

Benitez has yet to confirm his decision for the 2019 elections.


Marañon said he is against divorce.

“Imagine, the wife will get nothing in the divorce. If I am a congressman, I will go against it. We should pray for the senators because the divorce bill will now depend on their hands. We should pray that they will go against it,” the governor said.

The House of Representatives has approved on third and final reading the bill seeking to introduce absolute divorce and dissolution of marriage in the Philippines.

Voting 134 in the affirmative, 57 in the negative, and two abstentions, the chamber approved House Bill 7303, or the proposed Act Instituting Absolute Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage in the Philippines.

The bill provides that after the divorce becomes effective, the marriage bonds will be severed and the former spouses will have the right to marry another person either by the civil or religious ceremony.

The measure also ensures that the proceedings for the grant of absolute divorce will be affordable and inexpensive, particularly for indigent litigants and petitioners.

Marañon is backing the national identification system. “That has given peace to Malaysia,” he said.

“We will only have one number under the National ID System as all government issued valid IDs will be incorporate into one National ID. Those who are against it are those belonging to the underworld and criminals and those who are against the government,” he added.