THE danger of ramming unto glass doors can now be avoided once the law for marked glass doors is passed, a city official said.

The law, proposed by Baguio City Councilor Joel Alangsab, building owners will be required to install reflectorized tape or eye catching markers on all glass doors and panels in the name of public safety.

“It has been observed that some developers of buildings in the city have adopted glass doors and panels in their structural designs. Due to its transparency, people have often mistaken these see through glass doors and panels as free and unblocked passage ways and open windows wherein any person may accidentally bump into it,” Alangsab said.

Alangsab added these kinds of accidents pose danger to life and could bring injury to the person when the glass breaks because of the heavy impact.

“Future accidents can be avoided by adapting protective measures for the safety of the public, especially among the elderly and visually impaired,” he added.

If passed, the new law will be a prerequisite before any business permit is issued while penalties for violators is also stipulated in the Alangsab proposal ranging from cash to temporary closure for businesses.

The business permits and licensing division and the City Building and Architechture Office are tasked to implement the law.