AUTHORITIES have charged three suspects in connection with the grenade explosions that killed two policemen and wounded 26 others at La Paz, Abra last month.

Suspects identified as Joel Millare Balucas, Roel Escalante and Eljay Biyang were charged with two counts of murder and multiple frustrated murder at the Office of the Provincial Prosecutors Office, Bangued, Abra docketed under NPS Number 1-06-INV-18C-00062.

The explosions coincided with the fireworks display killing Police Officer (PO) 3 Carlos Baccali Bocaig and PO2 Frenzel Buneng Kitoyan, both members of the Abra PPO PMFC and wounding of 26 other victims at the Town Plaza including Abra representative Joseph Sto. Nino Bernos and wife Mayor Menchie.

To ensure the speedy case build-up, Chief Superintendent Edward Carranza ordered the immediate activation of the Regional Special Investigation Task Group (RSITG) purposely to conduct focused investigation in coordination with other law enforcement agencies.

Carranza expressed his gratitude to the public for their invaluable support that led to the filing of charges against the perpetrators.

The police officer further appealed to the public to continue foster and uphold the spirit of volunteerism by providing timely information in support to the various law enforcement agencies and at the same time join the campaign against terrorism and lawlessness by reporting to the nearest police station or thru our hotline number 09998851849, or thru our social media account