IT IS funny how I spent a week in Incheon, South Korea, and the moment I got back, my friends dragged me to the soft-opening of the newest Korean bistro here in Cagayan De Oro. Truth be told, I was having second thoughts about attending the luncheon because I just literally returned from the airport, and I was dead tired from traveling and then unpacking; but I was swayed by the promise of good barbeque and awesome company.

True to its name, Silver Rain Korean Barbeque Restaurant showered us with delicious food, making me happy with the decision to cave into peer pressure (the good kind). My belly wasn’t disappointed and my tongue felt as if I didn’t leave South Korea at all. That’s really great news for us Kagay-anons because that means we don’t have to travel far nor spend a lot of money to get the authentic taste of Seoul (soul) food. Yep, their dishes taste like something an ajumma herself would make in her own tiny home kitchen—tasty and hearty.

Silver Rain Restaurant affirms that there is so much more to Korean food than just barbequed meat and kimchi. They let us try a flavorsome bean curd soup with meat and veggies, served in their traditional black bowl to keep it warm throughout the luncheon. There’s just something about a comforting bowl of hot soup that completes a meal.

On top of that, they let us taste their version of the Jjajangmyeon, which is a scrumptious black bean sauce noodle dish I tried in the streets of Myeongdong. The sauce was indeed delicious, but the perfectly cooked noodles prove to be the star of this dish. Kevin Lee, the owner who has been residing here in the Philippines for more than a decade, proudly shared that all their noodles are made in-house from scratch. No instant nor packaged noodles served in Silver Rain restaurant to ensure the right consistency in each bite.

Kevin also noted that they have 4 in-house head chefs—3 chefs are from Korea and 1 is a Filipino they painstakingly trained. They also have several assistant chefs to complete the kitchen line-up. Don’t let the restaurant’s small, unassuming façade along Masterson Ave. fool you. It opens up to a much larger complex complete with a garden, a fountain, and a water-wheel. They even have a stage set-up for a live band to entertain patrons until 1 in the morning.

My most favorite part is they serve us varied types of banchan—the little plates of pickled vegetables and whatnot. What I like most about it is that aside from the usual kimchi, sweetened peanuts, and stir-fried anchovies; Silver Rain also served us a house salad, whole baby potatoes cured in some sweet-soy mixture, thinly sliced white onions with a dressing, slivered zucchini and carrots with chili paste, mashed sweet potato with mayo, and tons of fresh lettuce to pair with our meat.

We were able to grill our own marinated meat cuts at the center of our table, which were really tender and tasty. Silver Rain also has other types of meat products like the samgyeopsal (grilled thin cut pork belly). In addition, they also offer classic Filipino food on their menu (such as the sinuglaw, crispy pata, kare-kare, etc) to keep all palates happy and satisfied.

Kevin noted that they have a lot more in store when they have their Grand Opening on Wednesday, March 28, 2018. Silver Rain Korean Barbeque Restaurants is located along 19 Masterson Ave. Cagayan De Oro (fronting the Xavier Estates Main Gate). For inquiries, call: 0905-273-4120. And of course, don’t forget that good food tastes even more awesome when shared in the company of good friends.

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