AN EX-CONVICT was shot dead by an unidentified assailant, who pretended to be a customer, inside his store in Barangay Basak, Mandaue City last Wednesday night.

Chief Inspector Mercy Villaro, spokesperson of Mandaue City Police Office, said the gunman and his cohort were not wearing any face covers when they rode a motorcycle after committing the crime.

Eddie Barte, 49, suffered two gunshots which caused his death in his residence in Consuello Village at 11 p.m., Wednesday, March 22.

Villaro said there were two persons on motorcycle that stopped in front of Barte’s store.

“Nihunong sila kung asa dapita ang tindahana aning Barte, kining atong biktima, and ni-pretend sila as nipalit og beer or another na ilimnon pero tan-aw nila siya nalang usa, katong ilang target, nga kato si Barte, diha-diha dayon ilaha dayong gipusil, (They stopped in front of Barte’s store and pretended to buy beer or other drinks. When they saw that Barte was alone, they immediately shot him)” said Villaro.

She said Barte was hit first in his neck.

The victim was able to run inside their house to inform his family.

“Nakadagan pa ni si Barte. Nakaadto pa ni sya sa pultahan kung asa dapita ang room kung asa iyahang pamilya, iyahang asawa, iyahang mga anak, nakasulti pa ni siya nga tago and then gisundan og laing igo pa sa iyang lawas ug didto na iyang kamatayon, (Barte was able to run and reach the door of the room where his family was and told them to hide but he was shot again that lead to his death)” Villaro said.

Barte died on the spot. Two empty shells were found in the crime scene.

Villaro said the Mandaue Police Station 3 chief was looking at the victim’s previous case, which was related to illegal drugs.

According to her, Barte was released from the Bilibid prison in May 2017

“Convicted ni sya nya after ni-appeal na-dismiss ang case mao to May last year na-release na sya nibalik na siya sa iyang panimalay. Mao to nag-start na sya nagpadagan sa iyang business, sa sari sari store,” said Villaro.

The faces of the suspects were seen by the witnesses in the area because they were not wearing balaclavas or any face cover.

The assailants were just wearing black jacket with a hood and black short pants.

The incident happened on the same day that the Mandaue City Government announced some amendments in the ordinance that prohibits face covers for the motorcycle riders. (FMG/SunStar Cebu)