“Big Difference between a really good player and a great player... Great players don’t get tired, when the good players get tired the great players kicks the rest that is the difference.” - Geno Auriemma

GOOD players are those who learn to play, acquire skills, win matches and dominate games.

They are good because they are equipped to be good as long as it is within their capacity of knowledge and systematic set-up.

Good players are most likely to prevail and be the victors. These are the players you want in your team. These are the players that will surely get you that trophy and will surely elevate your position in the winners or champions statistics board.

But the cold reality is that, not all of them will evolve into great players and only some, only a few that has acquired the talent and skills, players who have learned the important lessons from victories and dominance as well as defeat.

Great players are those who becomes the backbone of the good players. A great player is the ones who says we can do it, they are the ones who ignites from the least amount of hope left and sparks it into a fire of effort to give more than the perceived limit. They are the ones who even in their casualty due to a match would take the stand to go for another shot for the team if no one else volunteers.

These players are the ones coaches would love to have in their roster. They will be the coaches’ persona among other players whom they anchor the trust to connect with other players hoping to connect as one of them.

Great players are hard to find in a team. There could at least be one or none, it’s like finding a rare gem in a pile of rocks.

A team with a collection of just good players will most likely to last only because of victory, while a team with a great player regardless if all the team mates are good or still learning to be will last longer due to the connection of a common goal, mindful of each other’s development and progress as an individual in order to contribute for the team.

Coaches can instruct plays according to skills and talent, but coaches needs help in keeping their players sane to understand and be motivated for the game plan.

Coaches needs a great player to turn the spark into a fire, so to speak, and pump up the players adrenaline and execute the strategies in order to gain victory which all boils down to team effort of a collective individual contribution.