LIGA ng mga Barangay president and Councilor Michael Lawana is proposing to increase penalties for illegal parking.

In a meeting with all village leaders and officials, the anti-road obstruction in the 128 barangays was discussed as well as the inability of the 1984 city ordinance to deter illegal parking with a measly fine of P150.

“It was the strong recommendation of the Baguio City Police Office through City Police Director Ramil Saculles and strongly supported by all punong barangays and officials to increase the penalty for illegal parking to P700 as the amount of P150 is no longer attuned to prevailing times as against to when it was enacted three decades ago,” Lawana said.

The meeting was presided by Lawana on March 2 where village chiefs in Baguio City said vehicle owners-violators are no longer deterred in committing and violating the city ordinance regarding illegal parking because of the insignificant amount of the P150 penalty.

“Yun po ang main purpose natin kasi bale wala sa kanila ung P150, mas gusto pa nila ma fine kasya magbayad ng parking,” added Lawana.

In a bid to declog streets, barangay representatives have already been deputized, enabling them to remove car plates and issue tickets to erring motorists.

The move is a result of the problem on illegally parked cars in barangay roads addressed by city in a bid to free streets of obstruction.

A 70-30 scheme has also been implemented with the 128 baranagys, giving them 70 percent of fees while the city gets thirty percent with collection going straight to the City Treasurers’ office when the vehicle owners pay the necessary fines, taking away premonitions of corruption and abuse from the barangays.