THE first Taiwan Trade Mission done in Davao City Thursday, March 22, will help improve the economic relationship of Taiwan and Mindanao especially that the Taiwanese companies who came belong to and support different industries, said Trade and Industry official.

With about 24 Taiwanese companies coming from different industries, Trade and Industry Davao Assistant Regional Director Edwin Banquerigo said these companies are introducing new industrial technologies that may help boost the productivity and competitiveness of the local companies and enterprises in Davao Region.

“Normally if you introduce technology, there can be a training that will follow. You cannot transfer technology by just giving the equipment. There is that training component and we’re allowed to employ some of them until the point that there is already a Filipino who can teach others. Part of their responsibility is to bring in experts here to facilitate transfer of technology,” he said.

He added the 24 companies are very holistic in nature especially that they are not only concentrated on agriculture. There are companies who are into survey mapping, drone use and selling, solar energy, cost-saving energy, solar power, food packaging, and electronics among others.

Some 70 companies all over Mindanao were expected to join the trade mission and about 200 one-on-one meetings between the Mindanawon and Taiwanese companies.

“We really look forward to having a strong economic and cultural partnership with Taiwan. We are now into a borderless economy. It’s not really about competition. It’s now about complementation. We have to work together and build in partnership because our market is not just the Philippines. Our market is the world,” added Banquerigo.

He also said that the relationship of Mindanao with Taiwan should be a mutual cooperation and that there will be times that the Mindanao representatives will be the ones to go to Taiwan to present products and services as well.

As Taiwan’s trade partnership with the Philippines play at around the 5th and 6th rank worldwide, the mutual trade relationship is very important.

Some of the Taiwanese companies that were there during the business to business trade matching were Adplus Corporation, Afta Technology Co., Ltd., Chalinway Technology & Development Co., Ltd., Cheng Long Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Coloradd Technology Marketing Co., Ltd., CSPS Co., Ltd., Da Jie Electricity machinery Industrial Co., Ltd., David Lu Corp, Good Taiwan Good International Company, Heytahai Company, Insurmix Inc., Jini Baby International Ltd., Keenpro Industy Corp., Lucky Seven Ocean Corp., Mai Ding Enterprise Co., Ltd., New Sea Man Enterprises Co., Ltd., Prompt Integrated Technology Ltd., Sun Mines Electrics Co., Ltd., Sun Up., Sunyeer Technology Co., Ltd., Tong Na Enterprise Co., Ltd., Universal Meditek Co., Ltd., Yield Technology Co., Ltd., Yun Chang Technology Co., Ltd., and Yung Fu Industrial Co., Ltd. (JPA)