CEBU Archbishop Jose Palma questioned the administration’s decision to turn Janet Lim-Napoles, prime suspect in the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam, into a state witness.

Palma, who was one of the convenors of the Cebu Coalition Against the Pork Barrel, said he shares the disappointment of many bishops in the country after it was found out that Napoles will be used by the Department of Justice (DOJ) as a possible witness against congressmen who were involved in the illegal diversion of state funds.

“We question the government’s approach in allowing people who are accused of high-profile crimes to become state witnesses,” Palma said.

Napoles allegedly conspired with 12 lawmakers to divert P10 billion in PDAF to her fake non-government organizations.

Palma said he feels that the hearings on Napoles’ cases have become a “moro-moro.”

He fears that the development would contribute to the erosion of the public’s trust in the justice system.

Palma urged the public to continue to monitor the developments on the issue.

The move of the DOJ was also criticized by the Liberal Party, saying it is meant to persecute their members. (JKV)