WITH graduation caps in the air and heat on, summer is finally here in the Philippines. As we get ready to hit the beach and check our long list of where-tos this vacation, going in style should be our top priority!

Then lucky for us Dabawenyos, Japanese-brand Uniqlo already launched their Batik Motif Collection before April starts.

Known for its simple yet of good quality design, the Uniqlo brand made available its collection in SM Lanang Premier Friday, March 23. More items for the men’s section are coming in on May 25 for the second launch.

The summer collection was inspired by the diversity of Indonesian cultural motifs, like Sido, Ceplokan, and Kembang. Personally, I’ve been inspired with the traditional fabric that Indonesians proudly wear on their sleeves.

Filipinos are also very fond of Batik as evident to the array of merchants in Zamboanga City who sell the textile. I know a lot of people who would go the long ride just to buy first class Batik in the southern city.

Thankfully, Uniqlo has preserved the beauty and characteristics of traditional Batik motifs while offering easy-to-wear clothing. More traditional patterns and style-improvement were made for the young customers.

It includes modern designs and silhouettes in light and comfortable materials that are well-suited for Pinoy comfort.

The latest collection offers an extensive lineup of items, like those stand collar shirts for men and frilled sleeves and ruffled blouses for women. The Sido pattern in the collection represents hope, while the Ceplokan motif represents the call for unity. The Kembang motif features beautiful flora imagery that symbolizes human life.

Additional men’s items will be released for the second launch in May, expanding the variety of motifs, and bringing brighter, more vibrant colors and modern patterns inspired by natural elements for special occasions.

The patterns in the collection have been faithfully developed by Uniqlo in line with its LifeWear philosophy to design clothing that is of the time and for the time. With this collection, Uniqlo also hopes to meet the needs of younger generations for affordable, easy-to-style daily wear.