UPI, Maguindanao -- Joint police and Philippine Marine troops have launched a manhunt against two men blamed for the twin explosions here on Friday evening, injured a police officer and four civilians.

The first explosion, believed to be from a fragmentation grenade, occurred at past 7:45 p.m. beside a basketball court at the Borongotan Elementary School in Borongotan village, according to Maguindanao Police director, Senior Superintendent Agustin Tello.

He said the first blast wounded a basketball player and three spectators.

“There was a misunderstanding during the game and suddenly a fragmentation grenade was lobbed from nowhere and exploded,” Tello said, quoting a report from the Upi Police.

The second explosion happened at about 8 p.m., a few meters away from the basketball court, and believed to have been intended for responding police officers.

The blast injured Police Officer 2 Marjune Lahaylahay of the local police force.

Mayor Ramon Piang condemned the grenade attack, saying “we are peace-loving people here.”

“I condemn this act against our peace-loving people,” Piang added.

He appealed to his constituents to remain vigilant against groups out to create chaos in his peaceful town.

Piang said the local police is following up a lead that could identify and possibly arrest the perpetrators.

In December last year, suspected Islamic State-linked Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, attacked a police outpost in Barangay Poblacion here and set off a roadside bomb that injured seven Marine officers. (PNA)