IN what police described as a bold move, a security guard was killed and three others were wounded when unidentified gunmen with an M16 rifle fired at the Infinity KTV and Music, which is reportedly owned by Cebuano businessman Peter Lim.

Cebu City Police Office Director Joel Doria said they have yet to identify the driver of the Ford Expedition, which was riddled with bullets during the attack on Archbishop Reyes St., Barangay Kamputhaw before midnight last Friday. But Peter Lim, in a separate interview, confirmed that it was his brother Wellington.

“There was an intent to kill. While the security guard was guiding the Ford out of the parking lot of the bar, men with a high-powered firearm on board a white pick-up shot at the car,” Doria said.

Investigators recovered 53 empty shells of an M16, four live bullets and two empty shells of a 9mm at the scene and an shotgun from the guard, who was identified as Wilson Bucay. He didn’t manage to fire it.

Bucay died on the spot. His fellow guard George Lambating, who was standing near the entrance, was hit in the arm and face. Two German nationals who were passing by the area were also shot, one in the thigh and the other in the arm.

They are being treated in a private hospital.

Prior to the attack, the Police Station 2 conducted a checkpoint on B. Rodriguez St. until 11 p.m.

At 11:45 p.m., police received a report on the ambush.

Doria said that with the recovery of the empty shells of a 9mm, they will investigate if there was an exchange of gunfire.

He said the vehicle, which is reportedly bullet-proof, was also hit, but it sped off to a condominium inside the I.T. Park.

A member of the barangay intelligence network told police about its whereabouts.

Doria admitted that it was hard to verify the identity of the driver because witnesses were uncooperative.

“The guard in the condo, who was supposed to cooperate with us, initially gave information but when we went back to get his statement, what he said changed already,” Doria said.

Doria also assured Wellington’s safety if the latter approaches their office.

Supt. Reyman Tolentin, Police Regional Office 7 spokesperson, also said that they are monitoring the case.

If Wellington requests protection from Camp Crame, they are ready to provide it, he said.

“Nganong dili man kung naa siyay basehanan sa threat sa iyang life, I assess nato na…possible man nga ma grant kay gi banhigan man siya (We’ll assess if there’s any basis. But it’s possible that we will grant it, considering there has been a threat on his life),” Tolentin said.

Mayor Tomas Osmeña said the attack only showed that lawless elements are no longer afraid to commit a crime.

In a press conference yesterday, “scary” was how the mayor described the lack of fear shown by these lawless elements.

“I really don’t know what to say except criminals now are not afraid anymore. They want to do what they want. There is no fear. It’s scary,” he told reporters.

Osmeña said that while PRO 7 Director Robert Quenery earlier said that there was no pattern in the killings perpetrated by unknown assailants, all the attacks have a common denominator.

“When the general (Quenery) says there is no pattern, the pattern is that there is no fear. Maybe they (killings) are not related to each other, but they (perpetrators) just don’t have any fear,” the mayor said.

He added that he will let the police handle the matter now, but he will intervene if the spate of killings continue.

“Let the police run the show. I will move when it really gets out of control. I’ll drive them (lawless elements) away,” Osmeña said.

Councilor Dave Tumulak, deputy for police matters, said the City Government is ready to help the victims.

“Willing kaayo ta sa Syudad sa Sugbo nga motabang atong gwardya sama sa paglubong niya o lungon ba kayha so naa ta kung unsa man ang panginahanglan (The City is willing to assist with the slain guard’s burial expenses and whatever else his family needs),” he said.

Tumulak also said that investigators should check the footage of closed-circuit television cameras in the area since the security camera outside the bar is reportedly not working properly.