VIDEOS. I highly appreciate Palm Grass, Cebu’s only heritage hotel, for encouraging some college students to create videos that retell the story of the Tres de Abril battle. The war occurred in 1898 during the Spanish era. I gathered that the hotel, in cooperation with a Hong Kong-based company, was able to come up with two videos of the Tres de Abril uprising. I also learned that students from the University of Cebu and University of San Carlos were involved in producing the videos.

SHOWING. I understand that Palm Grass will show the two Tres de Abril videos on April 3, the 120th anniversary of the historic uprising. But I don’t know where exactly the showing will be.

APPROPRIATE. I should congratulate all those behind the yearly “Buhing Kalbaryo” (Live Calvary), which is on its 21st staging on Good Friday, March 30. The street play starts at 10:30 a.m. from San Nicolas to Espina Compound in Guadalupe. Its organizers, director, actors/actresses and technical guys deserve our deep appreciation for their teamwork.

ACTORS. Acting in “Buhing Kalbaryo” are Raffy Anor as Jesus and my good friend Alvin Daitol as King Herod. When not acting, he works as production assistant of Soundtraxx Production Studio.

AUDITION. On Easter Sunday, film director Carlo J. Caparas and his daughter Peach and her brother CJ will audition those who want to appear in a Visayan flick. The event will be held at the Cebu Capitol Social Hall from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Needed are girls (nine years old) and male and female from 16-26 years old as well as from 40-50 years old. (For reactions, call/text 0932-277-8771.)