BISHOP Patricio Buzon of the Diocese of Bacolod has expressed his concern over the country’s situation on his homily during the Palm Sunday celebration at San Sebastian Cathedral in Bacolod City.

The bishop said he is scared for the country where the law of men seems to prevail over the law of God.

“It’s now okay to kill; to allow couples to go on divorce; honor the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community; tolerate same-sex union, among others, where I am scared of these present situations,” he said.

He noted there was no public outcry. “People hardly react on these earthly developments, as if all of these situations appeared okay to most of us. Where are we going?”

He said: “If God cannot enter our lives, we will surely lose the very essence of life which is Him. I urged everyone to live with God’s commandments even if it’s difficult for us just like what Jesus did to His Father. He followed Him up to His death and resurrection because that is the only way to live and that is in accordance with the will of God.”

The bishop reminded the Catholic faithful and even the public to respect the sacredness of the Holy Week.

He also expressed his opposition to going to the beach during the Holy Week.

“Going to the beach or to the mountains is a show of disrespect. I find it disrespectful to the religious significance of the Holy Week. Spend it on reflection, prayers, repentance and decide to return to God. Welcome God into our hearts, lives, and homes starting on the Palm Sunday,” he said.