CARNIVAL games at the Children’s park have been dismantled Monday morning, March 26, by order of Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan.

The Public Order and Safety Division of the city has halted three gaming tables and the setup of bingo games.

Last week, the Mayor’s office ordered the halt of the “Piso-piso” or “Laglag barya” and whatever gambling component of the carnival at the Children’s park saying the agreement was a wholesome and family-oriented activity which is basically children’s rides only.

Despite the original agreement, games of chance proliferated over the weekend, enraging citizens who complained over social media.

Vice Mayor Edison Bilog said he opposed the conduct of a carnival in the city and will continue to do so.

“Hindi ito ang libangan na para sa mga bata at mga taga Baguio, masyadong magastos on the art of park goers. Liliit pa ang space para magamit ng ating mga bata, aside from the fact that as far as I am concerned this is a violation of existing laws and ordinance and the executive order of then Pres. (Gloria) Arroyo,” added Bilog.

Bilog added under then President Arroyo’s executive order, although the management was transferred to the city, he firmly believes the consent of the Department Of Tourism should be secured first.

Domogan earlier set the green light for carnival operations at the Children’s Park, with carnival rides by operator, Belzasar Ola given a 60 day operation set to expire when classes start by June without gambling or games of chance.

Under the agreement, the area will be leased for P500,000 while a bond of P50,000 has also been paid to the city in case of damage to the park.

Last week, Domogan assured there will be no gambling on site as well as games of chance, limiting activities to rides which he described to be family oriented.

Linked–in Corporation initially requested to operate carnival rides, bingo games, fun booths and food stalls starting March 5 haggling for space at the Bunrham Park and being granted a portion of Melvin Jones for a 90-day period.

Datuin belied presence of gambling in the area.

“Wala naman. I was told that there is no gambling. What is being used are tokens that you buy for 1 peso and play it. If you win, you win gift items or stuff dolls. It is the same in other big carnivals all over the world. What is important is no gambling. If there is gambling I will immediately recommend its closure," added Datuin.