WELLINGTON Lim celebrated his 70th birthday yesterday, three days after surviving an ambush outside the Infinity KTV & Music Lounge on Archbishop Reyes Ave. in Cebu City past midnight last March 24.

Dioscoro Fuentes Jr., a staff of his brother businessman Peter Lim, said the family thanked God that he is alive.

More than 60 bullets from high-powered firearms riddled Wellington’s Ford Explorer.

Fuentes said the ambush was alarming because it was carried out by several armed men using high-powered firearms in full public view and staged in the business district.

The attackers fled in a white pickup after they realized that Wellington’s car was bullet-proof.

Fuentes said that some people are hoping the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) 7 will conduct a parallel investigation.

“It is unfortunate that this glaring ambush happened in the heart of the city. It never happened in Cebu City before. The culprits did it as if they are untouchables,” Fuentes said. “This is really a public concern. Nobody should be killed by anybody.”

The NBI 7 said that it is waiting for the Lim family to formally request the agency to conduct a parallel investigation.

“Right now, we are just beginning to gather information relative to the incident,” said Atty. Patricio Bernales Jr., NBI 7 director, adding that they will be careful so as not to jeopardize the police investigation.

“Until now, the driver has not yet surfaced. Our investigators are looking for the other vehicle involved in the incident,” he said, referring to the pickup the attackers used as their getaway car.

“We are appealing to the public kung meron silang nalalaman (if they know something), please provide us with information for the early resolution ng (of the) case,” he added.

The Ford Explorer, which Wellington parked at the I.T. Park, is under guard 24/7.

Supt. Ehdel Pereira, legal officer of PRO 7, said that they will recommend letting the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group use its subpoena powers to compel the owner of the vehicle to surface.