THE United States (US) continues to strengthen its relationship with the Philippines, particularly in the war against illegal drugs.

During his visit to the University of the Cordilleras US Embassy to the Philippines Deputy Chief of Missions Michael Klecheski stated the importance of the sharing of information by both countries to fight illegal drugs.

"At present, the United States government is looking at demand reduction as a way to fight illegal drugs in the country which have shown some positive results. This experience is one of the measures we would like to share to the Philippines," Klecheski said.

He said that despite innovations against illegal drugs, it still remains to be a big challenge.

"The fight against the drugs is still a constant battle. One of our approach in the reduction of demand is by cutting the supply at the boarders of the U.S. to prevent it from entering the country," Klecheski said.

“The U.S. recognizes the present Philippines–China relations since this is part of the present administrations Independent Foreign Policy. The Philippines remains to be an important and strong ally of the United States despite changing relationships," added Klecheski.

Klecheski identified the continuous military to military joint exercises, humanitarian assistance, law enforcement exchanges of experiences, economic ties, scholarships studies and grants, commercial ties among others as an example of both countries strong continuing relationship.

"A lot of American companies in the field of business process outsourcing and manufacturing have invested in the Philippines. American companies wanting to invest in the Philippines in the future would have to determine the ease of doing business depending on the right conditions," Klecheski added.

The US officials also encouraged the public to visit its website for inquiries on education, grants, information about the United States, counselor questions and others.