My 10L dry bag, truly a beach/outdoor adventure essential.
My 10L dry bag, truly a beach/outdoor adventure essential.

Summer travel must-haves!

IT’S gonna be officially the summer season here in the Philippines next week and other than the sunny weather this also marks the beginning of vacation period. (Hello, Beach!)

With that, other than beauty essentials and itinerary preparations, I will be sharing my current top three finds which can be useful for your next summer getaway.

Dry Bag

Worried of leaving or damaging your valuables during a beach trip? A dry bag is the perfect solution for that! This bag, mostly made out of PVC material, keeps all your precious things dry and with its “punching bag” like design it also floats once submerged in water.

Dry bag also comes in different sizes which will surely come handy depending on your vacation packing needs.

Packing cubes

This next essential is for all the organizing-obsessed travelers. If you’re going out for a few days, packing cubes will be your suitcase’s best friend as it really helps keep all your stuff neat and helps in saving space as well. Using these also helps in keeping clothes less wrinkly.

I brought my packing cubes from Lazada and it comes in a set of six which included a laundry pouch. It also came in different sizes perfect for packing all sorts of items.

Mini tripod and Bluetooth remote shutter

Travelling solo? Taking photos while travelling alone will not be a problem with this pair! The Bluetooth remote shutter functions for both android and iOS phones and it is also rechargeable for a hassle free travel photo sesh.

Where are you headed to this summer? Hope these essentials will help you on your next journey!


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