HOLY Week is historically the hottest time of the year in the Philippines.

Summer-related diseases and illnesses are prevalent so the public is advised to drink lots of water and to always bathe or clean themselves to prevent diseases.

Tap water is rich in potassium, which improves skeletal and muscular functions, and zinc, which is needed for the body’s immune functions.

Hygiene and sanitation-related illnesses are also common so the public is advised to bathe daily and to keep their surroundings clean.

Those who store water need to have covers on their containers to prevent dengue-carrying mosquitoes from breeding there.

Wise water use must always be considered since the water supply in Metro Cebu is very limited.

These are some tips to conserve water:

• To maximize water use, water plants early in the morning or late in the afternoon;

• Use recycled water for your plants, to flush or to clean your garage and save up to 10 gallons;

• Wash your car once or twice a month and save up to 50 gallons of water;

• Reuse your jeans for one week and save up to 10 liters of water;

• Wear similarly colored clothes for a week and save 10 to 15 liters by limiting your wash load to one or two;

• Refrain from washing your curtains for four weeks and save 10 gallons of water;

• Reuse glasses, mugs and drinking bottles if you’re just at home all day and save two liters of water;

• Use the right size of pots and pans to limit your water use in food preparation and dishwashing; and

• Place food and vegetables in containers when washing them. Don’t leave the tap running and waste water.

Consumers’ demand

While production volume normally goes down due to the absence of rainfall to replenish sources, the demand from consumers increases. Everyone is advised to be mindful of any wastage during this critical time.

For those going on out-of-town trips, here are very useful reminders:

• Check for leaks. Before leaving your homes, check your toilets, pipes and meters for leaks;

• Repair leaks. Do not leave leaks unattended. Have them repaired immediately. An estimated 300 gallons of water is lost per day due to a leak;

• Close valves for long trips. When you will be out-of-town for days, it is advisable to close the main valve before or after your meter to prevent any wastage that will be unattended for days;

• Bring used water for radiator needs. If your car needs cooling using water, store used water in recycled plastic bottles and bring them during your trip;

If you’re going to the beach or resort, rinse your bathing suits while in the shower to maximize the water used.

After using inflatable pools, use the water to flush, water the plants or clean the garage instead of just throwing it away.