TRAVELLING this summer? Remember to bring the basics: passports if you are going abroad, suitable clothes, atms and credit cards, sunscreen, vitamins, a nice pair of sunglasses and, of course, your travel crystals.

I emphasize passports because we’ve had two experiences already with different travel mates who left their passports at home and remembered only on the way to the airport. Thank God these got to them in time. One of them needed to have their doors broken down.

Proper clothing I underline because that time Chiara, Aa and I went to Brisbane, Australia, the wind was so strong and chilly, and we had thin jackets. It was torturous walking around, feeling the wintry cold.

Another time, it was hot summer here, but spring where we went. Aa was wearing shorts, but everyone around us were in thick jackets.

Atm and credit cards are handy. Sometimes it’s cheaper to withdraw from the atm machine than exchange money at the airport. If you bring dollars, they get a better exchange rate than our pesos.

For travel crystals, they should include the energies for health, safe travel, protection against accidents and road rage, and also, protection in spooky accommodation.

Spooky story coming up after Dragon month updates.

April 4 to May 4 is the Dragon Month. The Dragon is the worst enemy of the Dog, and when they clash like they will, because the month is Dragon and the Year is Dog, expect earth movements like earthquakes, and landslides.

We’re hoping the movements they create are minor ones.

These types of events can be attributed to the energy of the year, Yang Earth over Yang Earth. If possible, postpone mountain climbing, hiking, trekking. Going to the desert is also not advised.

The Dragon-Dog clash also brings road related accidents. Check the end of the article for how to keep your vehicles road worthy.

The Dog-born, Dragon-born, and the signs affected by the Dog- those born in January, April, July, September, as well as those born on Dog, Dragon, Ox, Goat days, need to carry the protection against clash and penalty effects when these energies come up. See us for what to bring.

Now for the spooky story.

We had a very memorable experience in Coron, Palawan some seven years ago when we were first getting acquainted with crystals and their properties.

We stayed at a family room so our group of 6 could stay together.

A friend recommended a place which we shall call the ‘Ripe Mango Hotel’ for its bright yellow orange paint.

We arrived around dinnertime and wanted to leave immediately but since the room was paid for in advance, and it was too late to look for a different hotel, we had no choice but to stay there.

The place was a bit run down; layout was strange with rooms leading into other rooms. The ceiling was low, the windows smallish.

Our room felt cramped, with three single beds on one side and a queen bed on the other side.

The bathroom’s door did not have a knob, but a bolt lock.

A little before midnight, Aa, about 16 at that time, nudged me, and said the bathroom lock was making noises.

I listened, and there was this creaky squeaky sound like someone was moving the barrel of the lock very slowly.

And then the bathroom door opened on its own.

Aa and I both sat up, feeling both scared and amused at the same time.

I shook Aa so he would lock the door.

He did, moving very quickly, almost jumping back to his bed. A few minutes later, the creaky squeaky sound started again.

All of a sudden, Divya, my youngest, who was four at the time, fell off their bed across from us.

We all woke up, the three on the queen bed moved to our side and we all huddled together on the single beds.

When I glanced at Divya, her eyes were creepily wide open, and she said “there is a boy under the bed.”

We turned on all the lights and barely slept, waiting for the dawn. We hastily left the “Ripe Mango Hotel” to look for another one.

Later we learned the hotel was once an elementary school which had been converted. That would explain the low rooms. And the small boy.

The next hotel we checked out was scarier than the previous one. The only room available was the last one in a long row of rooms, deliberately painted to look like the corners had just survived a fire.

The bathroom lights in this room would not turn on, even when they changed the light bulb.

We rejected this room too, opting to stay in a brighter, more crowded area.

Here are ways to make sure you have an enjoyable stay when you go on vacation. Keep in mind the acronym BLOWBAG for vehicle maintenance.

1. Remember to pack the basics, including your travel crystals.

2. For long drives, be aware of this acronym BLOWBAG. Check on these before you start on your journey: B- Battery, L- Lights, O-Oil, W-Water, B-Brakes, A-Air, G-Gas.

3. Tap on the door of the hotel room you’ll stay in 3 times before entering. Do this also for the bathroom door.

4. Smudge the room with sage sticks to clear the room of unwanted energy.

5. Cover the mirrors if they reflect you when you sleep. Chiara always bring the plastic suction cups to stick on the mirrors for this purpose. We use either a pashmina or the hotel’s towels to hang on the suction cups so the mirror is covered.

6. If the bed faces the door, place a chair between the bed and the door.

Safe travels. Have a blessed Holy Week.