THE weather has been very preferable lately. Close to perfect in fact. Normally at this time of the year, Fire Prevention Month, it is almost impossible to enjoy such.

Surely from this I will just enjoy first the outdoors. It is just good timing. I get to walk. During this time it is inside the confines of a fitness center or a gym that makes it convenient. It is cooler inside than running off outside.

It is also Women's Month. Most of my invitations cancelled. Women are more preferred this days. I'm cool with it. It is also most appropriate. This time.

Gasoline prices are on the rise, taxi fares are higher, SM Baguio is doing a lot of changes in their mall that even doing grocery is a problem these days. I'm OK. I walk. A thousand pesos is all I will need to get me through the week. A thousand for groceries. Just that, really.

I will just get eggs, veggies, some meat, not much since there's just me and my dog. Only during dinner when I would have to prepare a meal. A meal just for four. Just us too.

Sometimes if I would feel it, a bucket of chicken of six is more than enough from KFC or Jollibee. Just those two since there's a spicy option. Less than four hundred pesos. Another option would be Mang Inasal. Three orders is OK.

I'm cool with everything this days. From my home, most restaurants are just nearby. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Filipino and now Nepalese. From my place everything is now present. A bus station, a gas station, a water station, a country club, a golf course, an eco-trail, a talipapa, hospitals, a mall, the technohub all within a kilometer range. Cool!

It must really be the cool weather. I hope it continues on. While there's climate change it is still a blessing we get to enjoy this weather. Even for just a short time. I will not announce all of this as I might pre-empt an influx of visitors up here. Once they find out about the cool temperatures we are experiencing they might all come up.

Not that I am complaining, it is just that with them might follow, heavy traffic, higher prices of goods, garbage, and it is not cool.

I just love to hear the birds and kids playing outside upon opening of my door and window to feel the morning breeze, cool and soothing. School must have ended pretty early for some children by this time I suppose, since they are all home. Less traffic outside. This is probably one of the best summers I ever had.

Lately I must have overlooked the freon in my car. A trip to Sagada didn't help at all. But off to Bataan and Manila and I feel it. Open windows it was until we reach Manila. No way as buses to my left and right and fumes of all kind will make me fume. I fume too from this oversight. It is now done with, except it is just too cool for me with the air con on. I'm cool.

I just finished a run in this cool weather, I dread the damp shirt in this cool temp as it might get me sick when it dries on my back. And yes I did get sick. Glad that my appointments have all been cancelled. I guess they might have realized that it is nearing Holy Week.

Sagada, Baguio, Bacolod, Baguio, Bataan, Baguio, Manila, Baguio, hot then cool, hot then cool. I do get sick from all it. Glad for cancelled schedules. Not cool.

My daughter will be arriving from an adventure of her own, I will head down to Manila to pick her up in the airport. School has also been suspended from Wednesday on. I will opt to stay for awhile in Manila while many will choose to go up the mountains. My son in Manila will also be done with his schedules by this time. I will chill with my family in Manila with my dog.

I have prepared already all the food and groceries to bring for when we hole up all together down south. A pool I will be after my run, picnic and movies at night, surely I will have all of the place to myself since every Juan will be off too. That's Cool.

Be safe every Juan and stay cool. God Bless.