DIRECTOR'S Cut: (This portion features the thoughts of lawyer Alberto T. Escobarte, CESO IV, Regional Director, DepEd Davao to all stakeholders and recipients of the efforts to improve the basic education).

"Let me assure you that in the performance of my official duties and even my private acts will be guided and guarded by my Oath of Office, The Panunumpa ng Kawani ng Gobyerno, the Philippine Constitution and all the laws that govern our actions.”

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The month of December is getting nearer. I know because we are now in my birthday month, the month of November which I have been celebrating quietly after the birth of my second child a day after my birthday so it is just logical to do the celebration on her birthday being our baby in the family.

The cold breeze of Christmas is now being felt in some areas across the country especially in the highlands.

Schools, offices and even families have already planning or even ironing out details already about Christmas parties and reunions or simple get together.

Some are already preparing their 'to do' list and some are even already ticking off those listed in their 'to do' list which they have already accomplished.

Those unpredictable people will just go with the flow and do what others will do just to be part of the celebration.

While children and young adults are already preparing to 'attack' the house of their godparents and elder relatives for possible gifts, godparents and elder relatives on the other hand are also identifying whom to give their gifts and listing down what to give to these children and young adults.

On the contrary, those who have nothing to give and not willing to share their blessings will pretend that they are in the stage of Dementia or even suffering from Amnesia. Some are even nowhere to be found, use other SIM number for their mobile phones, would pretend to be sick and host of other excuses.

Children will start telling their parents that they need these and those and will wear this and that for the party, however, there are also some who are considerate enough not to demand anything as long as they are in good health.

The Department of Education (DepEd) has already issued a memorandum to the field about making the Christmas celebration simple and not holding the parties in hotels and other expensive venues to minimize the cost.

Most of all, before we think of the superficial ways of celebrating this Yuletide Season, we must first and foremost think of the real essence that we are commemorating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We must dedicate our lives, blessings, thoughts and everything to Him and ask Him to further strengthen us amidst the various situations that we will face come 2016.

With this, we can really say that we celebrate Christmas meaningfully.

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