NEGROS Auto Convention 2018 is set to make this summer season hotter with what else, hot wheels that would definitely make you drool for the latest and sleek models of cars.

Powered by Phoenix Pulse Technology and spearheaded by Headrush X Cole, Phoenix Petroleum, and Ironman 4x4, the exhibition seeks to gather modern “mechanics” and car enthusiasts to showcase their interests that usually inspire others to be keen on details, engine performance, and overall look.

The event is put together by North Point Yard, The District North Point, EastWest Ban, Team Spada, Mototek, VS1, Circumferential Auto Sports, Quarterwave Audio, and Pepsi.

A formidable force in staging good and remarkable events, Headrush is the production team behind the series of local party franchises, notable festival events, and a load of other local party favors that have had attracted party revelers to jump around Negros, literally.

Both the young and old, those who collect cars or those who take inspiration from what they see will without doubt, enjoy the presentations of teams from MyCar Audio, Ran Empleo, Western Electronics Innovative, Volkswagen Club of the Philippines – Bacolod Chapter, Bacolod Oldskool’in, Vios Club of Bacolod, Honda Jazz Group of Bacolod, Hilux Group Philippines, Team Swift Negros, EON Club of Bacolod, TNVP Team Bacolod, Vince Garde, Ruben Ledesma, Meloy Delfin, Suzuki Celerio Club, Hyundai Accent Club, Honda Civic Club, DONS Jdm, Toyota Corolla Club Bacolod and the prides of Iloilo and Cebu.

What is more exciting about this staging is the western feel that Barbecue Cookout participants will exclude day in and out.

Side by side the machines are good to go meals to sync with your gastronomic pleasure.

Get a glimpse of the latest car showcases and on the side, the load on these personal pleasure favorites: Wawayo, Café Argus, Shawarma Habibi, Rookie Sportsbar, Chef Keigo, Astral Cloud Vape, Bamboo Orange, Das Burger, and Johnnie Walker.

All roads will, oh well, literally lead to Ayala North Point on April 14 to 15 in this grand showcase of machines, ingenuity and the kind of interest that drives many car enthusiasts in Negros.

So, hold on your seats, fasten your seatbelts as this Auto Convention will make your summer hotter, rougher, and tougher.