THE Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) in Baguio City recorded 34 cases of fire incidents from January to March this year.

Senior Fire Officer 2 Camilo Balancia Jr. of the Baguio City Fire Station forest and grass, structural and vehicular fires were recorded during the first three months of the year which occurred inside Camp John Hay, Camp 7, Irisan and in an open area at the Shangrila Village.

"Based on our records, the causes of fires can be attributed to human interventions like cigarette butts, children playing with lighters and matches, and burnt garbages which have been left unattended," Balancia said.

However, the fire officer said they have yet to arrest culprits of these fire incidents.

"On vehicular fires, this were due to loose brake and overheating of vehicles to which we always remind the vehicle owners to have their vehicles checked before going on a long trip," Balancia said.

Balancia also reminded homeowners to double check their electrical sockets and appliances while advising them to turn off all appliances before living their residences to prevent the occurrence of fires.

"At present, Baguio City has two fire substations aside from its central fire station. Hopefully this year, our newest fire substation at Upper Quirino Hill may start its operation which would cover District 8 servicing Quirino Hill, Camdas, Happy Homes and the Pinget Barangay area," Balancia stated.

Although limited in the number of fire personnel, the city's fire department maintains its fire substations at Aurora Hill and Irisan area, while the central fire station manages the areas along Kennon Road and Marcos Highway.