SERVERAL cases have been filed against the 10 protesters who staged a rally on Monday morning, April 2, in front of in front of Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc. in McArthur Highway, Barangay Bago Aplaya, Davao City, for their aggressive action and resistance to cooperate with the law enforcers.

Davao City Police Office spokesperson Police Senior Inspector Ma. Teresita Gaspan said that cases for violation of Article 151, Resistance & Disobedience to person in authority or the agents of such person, Article 153 or the Tumults and other disturbance of public orders, and Art. 286 Grave Coercion respectively, all under Revised Penal Code were filed against the protesters.

“[They were] already indorsed to City Prosecutor’s Office for appropriate filing,” she said. The arrested were Renaldo Amani, 24; Michael Ulan-ulan, 22; Bryan Falera, 22; Ricardo Sales, 36; Romel Calacat, 29; Antony Bayawan, 22; Jessie Montecillo, 29; Alvin Buccat, 29; Sustines Bantayan, 45; and Ian Debalde, 24. They are still under the custody of Talomo Police Station.

She added that the protesters are planning to file a bill for temporary liberty.

Despite an attempt to peacefully settle the dispute, the protesters allegedly refused to cooperate with the peace officers and even became aggressive, putting up a blockade on the gates of Femsa, impeding the movement of the trucks to deliver their products.

Gaspan reminded the protesters that while they respect the right to vent out grievances through holding a rally, protesters must not inconvenience the public and other people by doing so.

“We should exercise self-restraint para dili mahitabo ang ing-ani ug dapat alam natin ang mga balod nga dili musampot pod (Self-restraint should be exercised so that they will not face legal sanctions like this) especially na they were blocking the entry of Coca Cola Company,” she said.