DAVAO City is expecting no droughts for the coming months and this might be a good year for the city’s agriculture industry, said City Agriculture’s Office (CAO) officer-in-charge Leo Brian Leuterio.

In a phone interview with Leuterio, he told SunStar Davao that the CAO is working together with the Department of Agriculture (DA) Davao Region for the proper implementation of projects and other government-needed interventions.

He added instead of a drought, there is actually a 60 percent chance of La Niña coming in the city in the coming months. However, Leuterio said this is not something that should make the people worry as far as the agriculture crops in the city are concerned.

He said the farmers, the agriculture officers per district, as well as the DA, have mechanisms in order to cope with weather extremes whether it be too hot or too wet.

“We are not seeing a very difficult planting season. We also have a reinvigorated agriculture community headed by our Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio…Even if we are sensitive to the presence of those adverse conditions, over the years, our agriculture technologists have become used to it and have learned to cope with it,” said Leuterio.

So far as well, there are no records and looming infestation of black bugs and rat pests. If there are any right now, he said these are just mild cases than can be handled. He added the agricultural technologists of the city are on their toes to monitor.

He emphasized that the specific fresh vegetables that are grown in the southern part of the city are still expected all year round.

“Our basic vegetables such as the talong, okra, alugbate, cabbage, and cauliflower will continue to be grown and will be there still despite the possible La Niña," Leuterio said.

He said farmers have their own coping mechanisms to protect their crops as well proper discretion what crops to plant in favor of the climate. He assured the consumers that the usual crops that are sellable in the Davao City market will not be affected. (JPA)