ACER Philippines launched on Thursday, April 5, its first satellite office in Mindanao here in Davao City providing their clients better access to their products and services.

"The opening of our first satellite office in Mindanao means we are serious in strengthening our business and presence in Davao and Mindanao," Manuel Wong, Acer Philippines general manager, said at the launch of the office along Jacinto St. yesterday.

Wong said the office will house their service center, a training center, and the sales office.

The satellite office will also serve as Acer's main supply hub in Davao Region, making their devices and programs easily available to their existing and potential clients.

For his part, Diogenes Vasquez, Acer Philippines products and operations director, said, "This new location is to accommodate the growing demand of our customers."

He said the office will accept repairs from walk-in customers whether it is within or out of warranty. They will also be offering onsite services for commercial clients.

Wong said they have assigned a regional sales person who will cater to Davao city and Davao Region.

"With the wealth of opportunities now available to the people in the region, particularly in the technology sector, it becomes imperative that Acer extends to them access to the tool necessary to build and hone their growing talent locally," he said.