THE Metro Iloilo Water District (MIWD) is armed for the summer season’s water supply provision.

In an interview on April 5 at MIWD office, officer-in-charge Amarylis Josephine Castro said that they were expecting a mild La Niña or rainfall on during the hot season.

Presently, the water supply level at their main source in Maasin Dam is at 95.18 percent wherein Castro considered it on a normal level.

“I don’t think there’s any problem with a water supply situation,” Castro said.

MIWD supplies around 62,000 to 65,000 cubic meters per day in which the 25,000 cubic meters came from the bulk water supplier, FLO Water Resources Inc. and Prime Water Ventures and the remaining 37 to 40 thousand was from the Metro Iloilo Bulk (MIB).

“In case there’s a deficiency, we can ask an additional supply from MIB,” Castro said.

Last year, after summer, they conducted an “advance preparation” and they have made several rehabilitation of their water lines since the water district has a 46 percent of non-revenue water (NRW).

“We should maintain the level so that the supply will be sufficient for the consumers,” Castro said.

The water wastage from illegal connections, leakages to dilapidated pipes and unregistered consumption due to old meter.

“Our meter can function only for a maximum efficiency of five years so we have to replace that and we have allocated huge amount of money also for the replacement of the water meter,” Castro said.

For the elimination of NRW, MIWD intensifies it complaint for illegal elimination and intensified repairs for the preparation of constant supply.

Some of the finished rehabilitated water line connections were in Nabitasan of La Paz district; Javellana, Fajardo and Del Carmen of Jaro district and Jalandoni of City Proper.

The rehab took place to eliminate leaks and currently, there are pending projects that needs to undergo bidding namely in Huervana and Simon Ledesma of Jaro, Jereos in La Paz and they have a negotiation in Pison Avenue in Diversion Road to augment in Mandurriao district. (Carolyn Jane Abello)