“AVENGERS” star Mark Ruffalo said that his dual roles as Dr. Bruce Banner and the Hulk in the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War” cleverly reflect the duality of anger.

“Our anger can open us to outrage, or anger can open us to do great things for people. Anger can be a positive motivating force,” he told reporters Thursday while in Mexico City to promote the movie, which is set to open April 25 in the Philippines.

In the film, Hulk joins with Iron Man, The Black Widow, Thor and Black Panther to fight the villain Thanos.

“Marvel is very clever to realize that the Hulk force can be used for positive but also for destructive (ends). It can get out of control,” said Ruffalo, who had the lead role in the Academy Award-winning film “Spotlight.”

Ruffalo, who is known for supporting social justice causes, added, “Anger just by itself isn’t always the best way to approach something, but it is a powerful emotion when you couple it with outrage or on injustice. It is very powerful.”

“It really taps into a deep site in our psyche that we relate to the Hulk and Banner so much because all of us have lost control over anger,” he said.

The 50-year-old actor also raved about “Infinity War” as more than just a superhero film.

“It’s such a different universe. I think the core value of this film is its diversity and that they’re all stronger because of that diversity,” Ruffalo told “Entertainment Tonight.” “I always think of these movies as kind of like modern mythology. They reflect the moment we’re in culturally and the ideal of that moment, or where we want to be coming out of that moment.”

“That’s why it transcends all kinds of political bounds, racial bounds,” the activist continued. “People love these movies because they’re the stories of gods and monsters. It tells us about ourselves, and it tells us about how we behave in this new world: What’s right, what’s moral, what the struggles are.” (AP with JGA)