BAGUIO City Mayor Mauricio Domogan backed plans to develop portions of Burnham Park but asked for calm from opposition as proposals are still being studied.

Domogan reminded that an executive order by former president Fidel Ramos transferred the management, administration and maintenance of Burnham Park to the city government.

“We have been given management as well as the right to develop portions of Burnham in order for it to be self-sustaining,” Domogan said.

Domogan said the old auditorium area is being eyed for parking facility which is a prime location.

“Sayang naman kung parking lang,” said Domogan adding other facilities could be added to the space, he added.

The mayor said despite his approval to develop the space, there is yet to be a final plan for the area as proposals and ideas are still being accommodated by the city.

“We want it developed but there are no approved plans and specifications and it will all go through the process of government,” added Domogan.

Domogan relayed plans to develop portion of the area until the athletic bowl site to accommodate multiple sporting areas to give facilities to athletes needing training.

The chief executive acknowledged opposition by groups against development of the park, but said all plans will be revealed via consultations.

Another public consultation for the Burnham Park parking structure is set next week, to bring more proposals for the area.

Councilor Edgar Avila, committee chair for urban planning, lands and housing and committee on traffic and transport legislation will convene another round of talks with the committee on Public Works headed by councilor Mylene Yaranon.

The proposal by Alexander Cruz, Chairman of XRC Mall Developer Incorporated for a P800 million long term lease under a PPPP to construct at their own cost a multi-level parking that can accommodate 500 cars and 15 tourist buses, commercial mall with a pasalubong center and at least 100 room hotel.

In the next round of consultations, Megabuild JPG Dev’t. Inc., and RF Chan and associates will present similar proposals for the space at the park which the council is eyeing for a parking facility to ease traffic congestion.