WE ALL look forward to summer. It’s the season of vacations, night-outs, swimsuits, and lots of photos. But is your skin selfie-ready? Read on to know how to keep oil at bay despite the intense summer heat.

Know your skin. Skins are a lot like people’s personalities. It’s different for everybody. Knowing your skin type will help you determine what your skin needs. The different skin types are: normal, dry, combination, acne-prone or sensitive, and oily.

Moisturize. Every skin type needs moisture. The key is to find the right type of product for you. For dry skin, look for products made specially for dry skin. This will give the intense moisture that your skin needs.

For normal to combination skin, a wide range of products is open for you to explore because your skin is more versatile than other skin types.

Don’t just stick to one product because your skin changes under different weather and conditions. Try creams, gels, oils, masks, and see what works.

People with acne-prone or sensitive skin, meanwhile, should stick to organic and/or hypoallergenic products, and medicated products.

For oily skin, avoid oil-based products. Use water-based or gel type moisturizers instead. I love gel-type moisturizers because it absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any residue.

I stay in an air-conditioned room at work, so my skin dries up more quickly. To compensate, I carry a travel-size tub filled with gel moisturizer to make sure that my skin gets hydrated throughout the day. I also use Korean face masks and the Missha time revolution kit which every girl out there needs to try!

Use oil control films or oil-absorbent sheets. Using handkerchiefs and tissue paper to wipe off the oil on your skin can only worsen oiliness. Oil absorbent sheets are effective, hygienic and do not abrade your skin. I use the Clean and Clear oil control film because it absorbs oil from very well.

Drink up. Everything in your body needs water to function. Water is a lot cheaper, safer, and healthier. So try to ditch the usual soda and artificial fruit juice for a glass of water.

Eat healthy. Whatever enters our body will eventually make its way out and sometimes it leaves through the pores of our skin.

Know your cycle. For women, our menstrual cycle can determine the changes in our hormones. If you keep track of your monthly visits, you’ll notice that your skin gets oily or acne-prone on the days leading to your period or during your period. Using cycle tracker apps can make this easier to do. I recommend Clue which you can download from the App Store for apple users or Google Play for android.

Take a break. Rest and get the right amount of sleep. Your skin and body will thank you for it.

Let your skin breathe. Makeup may cover up blemishes, but it can also worsen growing skin problems like oiliness, whiteheads and black heads, and dryness.

Keep it clean. Sleep in clean sheets and pillows, regularly wipe your cellphone case with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball, and clean your hands always. Refrain from touching your face as well, but sanitize first if you must.

Know when to stop. Wash your face twice a day only, exfoliate 2-3 times a week, and apply only the right amount of product. Too much can either dry out your skin or cause more oil build-up.

Above all, calm down. No one can have perfect skin all year round. Pollution, stress, genetics, and other factors can contribute to different skin problems which we can’t always avoid.

Summer is going to be more fun when you’re confident with your skin. Follow my tips and enjoy an oil-free, selfie-ready summer!


Andrea Isabelle Mejos is a young writer from Davao. She likes to seek beauty from all angles – people, products, places – and writes them down. For inquiries, you may contact her at mejosandrea@gmail.com