GENERALLY, a newly married couple has a clear vision of each other. They constantly look and even gaze at each other, eye to eye, with earnest love and desire, especially on their wedding day.

In time, however, they begin to suffer from a certain form of marital cataract, which is not a medical disease but a marital condition, wherein married couples continue to live together, sleep together, go out to the malls together and eat out together, but they do not seem to see each other anymore. Sa binisaya pa pagkasulti, sige pa gihapon og kuyog, apan dili na magkita.

Perhaps, a love becoming blind condition? Or is it about time for them to reflect and meditate on the real meaning and purpose of marriage, both biologically and teleologically and even on its sanctity before the eyes of God.

The Church is not in favor of divorce or the annulment of marriage for it believes that whatever has God put together, let no man put asunder. Nonetheless, the Church allows under certain specified circumstances a declaration of annulment of marriage by justifying that said declaration of annulment simply means that there was in fact no marriage ab initio or from the beginning.

Unfortunately, however, and often misunderstood against the Church, the latter is often taking it too long to process an application for a declaration of annulment and at a great financial expense on the part of the aggrieved party/ies.

Perhaps, the main reason for this is to protect the interest and welfare of the children. It must be noted that the most helpless offspring in the animal kingdom is a human child, unlike in the case of other animals. When a female fish begets its offspring by the hundreds or thousands at one time, the offspring can immediately swim away from the mother fish and survive on their own.

The human child, however, if abandoned alone, even at age 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 years old, cannot survive by itself. Furthermore, the human child, being endowed with an intellect and free will, needs to be educated, meaning to be free or led out of ignorance, and to continue the perpetuation and the improvement of the human race.--Atty. Amay P. Ong Vaño