WITH a goal to advance the Philippine economy, President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday, April 10, encouraged partnerships between "home-grown and foreign-based" companies that would create more opportunities for the Filipino people.

In a speech delivered at the Boao Forum for Asia in China, the Philippine president looked forward to securing a deal with such "responsible" firms to enable him to fulfill his desire to improve the lives of his fellow countrymen.

"Far too long, the Philippines has nurtured the dream of a comfortable life for our citizens. We want a society where there are opportunities for all. We want a nation where the hardworking, the talented, and the law-abiding can advance together and move to the socio-economic ladder," Duterte said.

"We're slowly making the Filipino dream a reality. As we strive to push our economy forward, we encounter challenges, but we will not be deterred. We seek to partner with resposible businesses -- home-grown and foreign-based -- to drive the progress we envision," he added.

Duterte expressed hope that other nations would be encouraged to pour in investments in the Philippines.

He said his administration is ready to work with all Asian countries, in a bid to sustain the "shared dream of prosperity of for all."

"We have a stake – as well as responsibilities – in forging of a more prosperous continent and world. This is what [nations] – big or small - should act on collectively when we leave Boao: Cooperate, coordinate and collaborate. So we can achieve our shared dream of prosperity for all," he said.

Speaking of his administration's achievements, Duterte touted the efforts done to help more Filipinos have "better skills and expertise."

He emphasized that his ambitious pet programs, including the "Build, Build, Build" project, fueled the Philippines' economic growth.

"We have made considerable headway. We have improved the peace and order [situation]. We have sustained the battle against corruption, and [are] strenghtening the policy framework for businesses to thrive," the President said.

"With good governance as a basis for a sound economic policy, the Philippines will do more to increase investments in the country, particularly in infrastructure, innovation, and interconnectivity," Duterte added. (SunStar Philippines)