THE family of Doug and Cheska Kramer was hit on Instagram following the meet and greet with Ed Sheeran at his concert in Metro Manila over the weekend.

Could it be possible that the famous Filipino celebrity family, Team Kramer, was the reason why the international singer allegedly showed up late during his concert?

Commenting on Doug’s IG post, a photo of his wife and three children with the English singer-songwriter, a netizen (@bellepollywolly) accused them of being “entitled.”

“This may be the reason why Ed Sheeran’s concert started late, the entitled Filipinos made him late for his own show. All along, I thought Ed Sheeran won’t let his fans wait for him for so long, he doesn’t strike me as a rockstar diva. Hmm I think this is the reason nevertheless Ed Sheeran is still freakin’ amazing, the bomb!” the fan wrote. She, however, still pointed out that the “Thinking Out Loud” artist was “worth the wait!”

While some may conclude that she could be jealous of Team Kramer’s experience, the said IG user made another statement: “For the haters, I’m gonna say this already I’m not jealous (I also got to see and hear his [sic] music live).”

“I don’t even know if this photo was taken before or after (but I bet this was before because Ed must be already exhausted after the amazing performance that he did) It’s just that, it made a bad impression for Ed.”

The fan further speculated that the international performer could be uncomfortable already knowing that he would be late for his concert “for doing this stunt for your family while his adoring fans were waiting for him.”

Reading such allegations thrown at his family, the basketball star had to respond saying, “Hahaha! Excuse me, our meet and greet with Ed was a little passed 630. Way before the concert is scheduled.”

Amid the exchanges and accusations, one follower shared her own thoughts as well.

“I did mention in my previous comment that there are other possible reasons why the concert started so late. Yes, maybe you’re just speaking your mind but, to put the blame solely on them is unfair. The meet&greet isn’t really normally the reason for concert delays,” @itsalyssamarie7 addressed @bellepollywolly.

According to the Team Kramer’s patriarch, the controversial meet and greet only lasted for a total of six minutes: two minutes each for intro “Tagalog” time and picture-taking. Dough likewise revealed that “The concern organizers messaged us if we wanted to meet him and do tagalog time… Of course we accepted and took advantage of the opportunity. Ano sabihin naming sa kanila? ‘no thanks, baka mag ka self entitlement and kids.’ You guys are funny.”

Upon checking the IG account of Belle Polly, a private one, she only has six posts, five followers and 21 following, as of press time.


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