BAGUIO City Mayor Mauricio Domogan confirmed the city has yet to receive remittance from the long drawn out battle for shares from Camp John Hay (CJH) Management Corporation and the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA).

Domogan hopes for new negotiations for Camp John Hay with the assurance of getting shares due if new agreements are to be made.

The mayor added if and when new agreements are made, the city must get shares directly from the lessees which will not pass through the BCDA nor the JHMC.

Domogan said if amendments will be made, shares of the city from the former American military camp have to be assured and will re - structure agreements to compel the developer as well as the government to pay directly to city coffers.

The city alleged BCDA has ignored the 19 conditionalities crafted that should govern the commercial operation of the CJH.

The 19 conditions, borne in a city council resolution, provides for a 25 percent annual share from the revenues generated in the commercial operation of the camp.

Domogan said only 25 percent of the identified area within Camp John hay was developed by CJHDevCo since the agreement was signed between the contracting parties in 1997.

CJHDevCo is still waiting for the BCDA payment of P1.4 billion in cash before it vacates the property.

The ruling stemmed from the previous Philippine Dispute Resolution Center Inc. decision of CJHDevCo has to vacate the leased areas and the BCDA to pay the billions as reimbursement for rental payments of the developer.