PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte is being asked to declare Burnham Park a "no-build zone" to stop planned construction activities in the area.

In a statement, Joseph Claridades, proponent for “Smarter Roads,” is appealing to President Rodrigo Duterte to spare Burnham Park from destruction.

Claridades sought the help of Duterte for Burnham Park be declared as a no-build zone until such time that a proper committee is formed composed of architects, urban planners, historians, private citizens and other major stakeholders.

He is asking for independent committee to be created to review and audit City Environment and Parks Management [Cepmo] for lack of participation and failure to deliver its mandate to maintain and sustain Burnham Park under Executive Order (EO) 224, series of 1995 and EO 69, series of 2009.

Claridades is also suggesting the night market at Harrison road be temporarily suspended and to be reviewed and audited by an independent committee.

“We need to review its purpose, guidelines and how its services affects the surrounding businesses inside the CBD proximity under the CULP of 2013-2023,” he added.

Claridades proposed a committee to be formed and be given the task to create the Master Development Plan guidelines to be used as a guide for any modification, maintenance and development of Burnham Park.

Opposition to buildings at Burnham Park peaked during the public consultation Wednesday morning on the proposed parking area at the old auditorium.

The concerned citizen also appealed to the President to place on notice the local government of Baguio and the concerned government offices for their failure of compliance under the Comprehensive Land Use Plans 2013-2023 and Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance on Sections 9 [point8] 10 [letter1] and 12 on zoning district boundaries.

Claridades also pointed out the continued use of Ganza and Solibao restaurants in the park citing Ordinance 51 series of 2001, section 29.

“Why is Ganza and Solibao restaurants located at Burnham Park still allowed to operate beyond 2011 and 2012?” questioned Claridades.

Claridades has proposed to the city council to improve traffic flow in the city months ago, dubbed "Improving Baguio's Traffic Flow, the Smart Way."

It suggested a holistic approach in traffic management presented in a three-step plan starting with making roads smarter, moving people smarter, and creating a city center bus line.

He said to lessen air pollution, a three-hour free parking and making pedestrians safer must be imposed.