A VILLAGE in the highly urbanized city of Angeles has installed closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitors in a bid to prevent street crimes.

Rodelio “Tony” Mamac, chairman of Barangay Balibago, said the monitors were installed in strategic areas all over the village.

The initial phase of the CCTV project covers the barangay’s Purok 1, according to Mamac.

“Now we can monitor our streets and protect our citizens against the bad guys. After four years, our monitoring center is active and can monitor 24 hours activities all areas within Purok 1,” the village chief said.

Mamac said that the target completion date of their CCTV program is in June this year.

Residents and netizens lauded Mamac and the other barangay officials for implementing the project.

A netizen asked Mamac to assign personnel who will man the CCTVs in order to respond to incidents quickly.

In response, Mamac said he will designate trained personnel in the village’s command center.

“If they monitored a crime in progress, they will immediately coordinate with the barangay peace keepers and policemen,” Mamac said.