IT’S been almost a year since I left my reporter job in Davao and started taking the course in the sky.

I would be anywhere around the world in a month, in 10 different and far away cities at max but in each layover I would try to look around finding pieces of home in these foreign lands.

As I rode bus 100 in Edinburgh, Scotland, I hopped off the last stop to get to the Writer's Museum and Elephant House without trying to cheat with Google Map. I wanted to just ask around and let myself be lost.

As I walked around not knowing where to go, tall and ecclesiastical buildings in gothic style greeted me. I went through the narrow alleyway towards the Royal Mile High and St. Giles church and I was in awe of its architecture.

Hours passed by and I still don’t have a clear direction where I am going, I’ll usually get worried by then, but as Stephen Hawking not comforted me saying, "the universe does not allow perfection”. So, I went on and just continued my casual walk.

I continued my journey and walked straight ahead. The whole area was bombarded with different attractions, shopping stores and restaurants to marvel upon. I arrived at the Writer's Museum only to know it was closed.

Set out on a different path again, asked around and finally made it to the Elephant house. Nestled in the busy street, I lined up for twenty minutes before being seated as it was fully packed.

I ordered a small cup of hot chocolate, bread and butter and a whole serving of bacon and tomato pizza. I could say the wait was worth it because the pizza was over filled with mozzarella, huge cuts of bacon and sweet tomatoes. It was savory and flavorful. As was the brioche bread with salted butter.

The feeling of reading a book and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in the exact place where J.K. Rowling wrote her first Harry Potter book was surreal. It gave me all the happy chills at that moment.

As I dug into my pizza, I recalled my journey. I ended up realizing something. Sometimes, life allows us to lose ourselves in the process so we could learn a lesson. I have always been at home for so long and I never thought that I’ll feel more connected with myself going out.

Maybe I should do this more often. Oh wait, this is my job!