THE Department of Education (Deped) in Davao Region vowed to look into the complaint of a student who was barred from joining the graduation rites unless he pays his remaining balance at the Philippine College of Technology (PCT), when this was supposed to have been covered by a voucher.

DepEd-Davao spokesperson Jenielito Atillo said as of the moment, the department could not give a statement as they have yet to look into the details of the complaint. He added that it will be better if this matter will reach their office.

"As far as we are concerned, wala naman order from DepEd that a student could not join a graduation rite if he could not yet pay his remaining dues. I suggest for students to write their complaints and submit it to the office," Atillo said.

The department, Atillo said, will address the matter with due process. He added that the involved school will answer to the action it has committed after the investigation. He believes that the issue is linked to the scholarship program.

In a post on his Facebook account, the student said he could not attend the graduation ceremony because the school could not find his name on the billing list of students who have vouchers.

He was obliged to pay the remaining P16,000 balance that is supposed to be shouldered by the government.

"I definitely have a voucher and usual cases suggest that it may be a system error on Deped and later be processed. I just want to release my mixed emotion thinking they informed me this problem two days before graduation," he said.

Though, he said, he can find ways to pay the amount, he pities his schoolmates who have the same status as him and the teachers who wanted to help them, because they will have to take this out of their salaries.

"(It is) unfair because in the first place this is not our fault or the teachers' fault for us to pay for it. Worst, the owner of the school would not agree to let us attend the graduation ceremony and (will) hold our credentials for the meantime," he said.

The student is hoping that this matter will be addressed by the concerned government agencies.