LAST Friday, on our way down, a long, long truck stalled at a blind curve along Marcos Highway. We were lucky that we and the car ahead of us were driving at a safe distance, and doubly lucky we were able to pass this vehicle without meeting upcoming traffic.

At 11 p.m., on our way back to Baguio, traffic was at a standstill for a while along a stretch at Pangasinan. Two cars had bumped into each other.

And then later, at around 1 a.m., (Saturday already) we spied two ambulances at the side of the road along the lower part of Marcos Highway.

There were policemen and some people milling about, looking at the portion that I know is a cliff. It was too dark to see.

In the morning, Chiara heard over the radio that a vehicle had fallen over the edge after a truck lost its brakes and collided into another car. There were fatalities.

I don’t enjoy writing this article, and I hate to be as you call it, “makulit,” but I have to repeat it over and over again: check your vehicles and make sure they are maintained properly before you travel.

If you keep track of the news, many of the major road accidents that happened all over our country and even abroad, since the start of the year have been caused by malfunctions.

There have been reports of head-on collisions too.

This is not the year to be careless and overtake without making sure the road ahead is clear.

Chiara and Aa always say that staying alive is more important than rushing to overtake slow vehicles. What do a few more minutes matter? You get to your destination anyway. With less stress. And yourselves intact.

So for all the drivers out there, please be alert, observe traffic rules and regulations. Don’t text and drive. And for people who walk, observe foot traffic rules. Don’t cross where you’re not supposed to. Don’t text and walk.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the Year of the Dog has too much Earth energy, translating to road related accidents, travel related accidents, earth movements.

The year is not a nobleman year. And this month, April, the Dragon month, is not a nobleman month. Of all the 12 animal signs only the Dog and the Dragon are the animals that are not noblemen.

Noblemen are like angels who come to help in times of need.

So to put it simply, accidents that happen throughout the year, will have more casualties.

Everyone has to be more careful this month, not just the afflicted signs, because the Dragon and the Dog are mortal enemies. They clash, thus they can bring about accidents and movement.

For this month too, April 5 to May 4, you must cure the energies of the West.

If you’ve been sick or members of your family have been sickly since around the start of the Chinese New Year, check your West. And if anyone is already ill or sickly, better to avoid letting them stay in the West.

The yearly illness star combines with the monthly misfortune star from April 5 to May 4, 2018.

I remember our mentor, internationally acclaimed Feng Shui Grandmaster Raymond Lo, saying that even a month can kill you.

So make sure your West, particularly if it is a main entrance, a bedroom, or frequently used area, has the cure for both illness and misfortune.

Better still, have a Feng Shui Analysis to make sure your rooms do not contain the permanent illness or misfortune stars or any of the other negative stars.

We have many Feng Shui cases already where these negative energies were the permanent stars in frequently occupied spaces.

One client’s grandmother was moved to another room because the yearly illness star was located in the room she was occupying. She became more sick in the room she was transferred to, and there was a point her family worried she was going to get worse.

We did the analysis, and found out that although the room was good for the year, it carried the permanent misfortune star.

Advise that the client followed: move the grandmother out of that room immediately, and transfer to the one with better energy.

Result: grandma is blooming now.

Another client we went to had been taking medications for heart related illnesses ever since they moved to their home in 2013. Prior to their moving, she was okay.

At the start of the Dragon Month, she developed another complication.

Aa and Chiara identified the cause of her poor health as coming from the main door in the permanent illness direction.

Also, the major energies that should be contributing to her health were weak in that home. It’s a good one for making money, though.

More of the illness star in an upcoming article.

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