EIGHT firearms and several ammunitions were surrendered to the Abra Provincial Police Office in one day coming from different municipalities of the province while another firearm was recovered in Benguet province.

On April 6, village chief Donardo Beroña of Barangay Poblacion Pilar, Abra voluntarily surrendered one unlicensed pistol homemade 12 Gauge shot gun without markings and ammunition to the personnel of Pilar Municipal Police Station (MPS).

In Tubo, Abra, Village Councilor Oscar Pe Benito of Barangay Tiempo voluntarily surrendered an unlicensed caliber .38 revolver with serial number 9272891 without ammunition to the personnel of Tubo MPS.

In San Isidro, village chief Rogelio Sotelo voluntary surrendered a homemade caliber .38 revolver while in Pidigan, village chief Primitiva Madriaga, of barangay Diego voluntary surrendered a caliber .38 revolver without serial number and ammunition.

A concerned citizen assisted by Kagawad Julian Buenafe in barangay Lower Barit, Luba voluntarily surrendered one homemade caliber .38 revolver and ammunition.

In Barangay Tagaytay, San Juan, Village Chief Adorable Biscarra surrendered one defective caliber .38 and in Lagben, Lagangilang, Rodrigo Fabillano Abad, surrendered another caliber .38 revolver without serial number and markings to the personnel of Lagangilang police

Another caliber .22 was surrendered by a concerned citizen in Bumagcat, Tayum, Abra.

Jonas Cateng Lingaling, of Pudong, Kapangan, Benguet reported to the personnel of Kapangan police informing his discovery of a caliber .38 revolver with two ammunition while conducting road clearing at Sitio Apat, Paykek.